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Posted on Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at 10:29am CDT by Kevin L.

Product: Website Training

Company: Platinum Web Training

Location: 2274 South 1300 East # G15-367
Salt Lake City, Ut, 84106-2882, US


Category: Other

I received a phone call from their callers named Kyle. Telling me that another company home business appointed him to call about his company Platinum. (Which they did not appoint him) Several times he kept calling my on my phone after telling him to stop and quit calling. He was asking about my credit cards and what I had left on my credit line to spend to get myself out of debt. Finally I gave in and Kyle just twisted the story on how the business works. Telling me that an investment of $6,835.00 taken from my credit card as "using other peoples money". Then put me on with the second caller Jarod White [email protected] telling me that all money is covered in my free website to buy and sell products from distributers. I got all big headed and joined. Later speaking to a third party Warren. Him telling me that the money I let them max from my credit card was not an investment but just for the college page and not an investment and there is no website free. Later after asking for my money back. They told me that people are making money doing this and Warren gave me a $2,000.00 refund and the women Catie had a "Final Refund" on the check. Later I complained to The Better Business Bureau and received another refund of $1,000.00 with "Last Final Refund" on the check. The college page has 32 different parts to it with over 70 videos, over 60 e-books and many other things to download. My lawyer told me that I should have not accepted a partial refund because their calling act was fraud and was pissed off at me. Now I wish to receive the rest of my $3,835.00 because they now are giving me nothing for my money with noone helping. I have no clue of what I'm doing in this Ebay Sller Business. I now see that Ebay is free to learn at Ebay and they have phone chat to help for free. My computer taking too long to download their page each time. I was thinking of a civil suit for their fraud or for them to just refund me or even telling their actions to a major news network on Channel 2 News in New York tri-state area. I also have to care for my 93 year old mother and now I can not pay the credit card they maxed because the HSBC bank has doubled my minimum payent from $220.00 to $433.00 and I can't do a thing about it.


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