Sol Therepe Organics - Vendors: Don't Do Business with Yvette Ervin

Posted on Friday, June 17th, 2011 at 1:39pm CDT by 034fa4c1

Product: Sol Therepe

Company: Sol Therepe Organics

Location: San Francisco, Ca, US


Category: Other

On September 7, 2010 Yvette Ervin, founder of Sol Therepe Organics, contacted me to build her a new Facebook fan page. I had previously created one for her (Beauty Full of Color) in which everything turned out well. On September 17, I sent her a proposal of the fan page, which included 3 custom tabs. The proposal stated that the job will take 2 weeks and it will cost $225. Invoice for the custom fan page will be billed after the completion of the job. Later that afternoon at 1:59pm, she sent me an email stating that she received the proposal and that she approved.

During the next few weeks, we started building the fan page together. Things were going slower than expected because the client did not have any content ready. We finished the fan page by end of October. On October 29, I invoiced (#1089) her via email. On November 2, she replied to the invoice email asking to set up a phone conversation. We spoke on November 3 where she asked to make a few more changes to the fan page like adding a newsletter sign-up. I agreed. By November 16, the sign-in newsletter was up and running. There were no additional fees for this change.

On December 6th we spoke about making changes to her Sol Therepe website. She wanted to install a more sophisticated store to sell her products. I told her that I have not worked with e-commerce sites but that I would do it for a very small fee if everything works out. She agreed. On December 8th she sent me login information on her site.

On December 28th, after finding how long it would take me to build the eShop and doing some tweaking images and events calendar for her Beauty Full of Color, I quoted Yvette $250.00 flat rate fee for the work. The email was sent at 5:16pm. We spoke that day and she wanted to know if she came make payments with installations. I agreed even though she still owed me money for the custom fan page.

After I finished the work on both her website, I sent her 4 invoices in the span of 4 four months so that it would be easier for her. I only received half of the payment for the fan page and 3 quarters for the website work. Every single month I reminded her about the payments and every month she said she will have everything paid the following month. First it was March, then April. Then she said she would pay May 5th.

May 5th came and she did not pay. At this point, I removed her as an admin on the Sol Therepe page since she did not pay and change the password to the backend of her website.

Instead of paying me the remainder of the money owed to me, she decided to create another fan page with my design. In addition, she change the website password so that I would not have any access to it.

At the end, Yvette Ervin was not a pleasure to work with. She wanted so much work for little money and she would rather steal my design (custom buttons, color, layout) on the eShop. I do not want anything to do with her anymore. I just want to make a formal complaint so that other vendors know what they are going to deal with if they ever go into business with her. I found out later that she owned money to another business. If I would have known that information before I started doing anything for Yvette, I would never engaged in a relationship with her.


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