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Posted on Friday, June 17th, 2011 at 3:02pm CDT by f1538ade

Company: Sunshine Travel, or Take Tours

Location: 12A Tyler St
Boston, MA, 02111, US


Category: Other

3 day tour from Boston to Niagara Falls, Toronto and 1,000 Island.

This is the worst trip we have ever taken, both from an organization, mis-representation of tour, and safety perspective.

* We booked the trip to be picked up at 219 Quincy Ave, and were notified less than 18 hours before the trip that the location was no longer on the route. 5 phone calls later had us moving to another location for a separate pickup at CVS in Quincy. We were picked up 20 minutes late and by another bus. We also had to "wait" once back in Boston late for another bus to come and take us back to Quincy. Our guide simply abandoned the bus and left.

* Tour is stated as follows "Transportation via Deluxe Air Conditioned, Lavatory Equipped motor coach". We were not given this mode of transportation, as listed for this trip. Instead we were in a cramped and full 15 seater mini van. No lavatory, very uncomfortable, not what was advertised.

*Tour guide just came off another Canada tour trip the night before, per his disclosure to us (Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, etc.). and he was in no state of mind or rest to handle this back to back trip. He was observed nodding off while driving several times, and he hit the median in the road a dozen times on the way to Toronto.

*Tour guide was asked to pull over and "take a rest" less than 1 1/2 hours into our ride home. This was because he was observed falling asleep, eyes rolling back in his head, his head nodding. Our entire bus group confronted him and told him we did not feel safe, and were concerned for our safety. We even all offered to drive, as we felt as if our lives were in danger.

*Tour guide handed out an envelope with hand written Dollar amounts as our "agenda", and we didn't even follow that. Very un-organized and very unprofessional. Several times he "switched things around" and his agenda did not match what was listed on your web site for this tour.

*Hotel was remote, and no where near the city center. Hotel was understaffed, and quality in general was poor


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