The Shopping Channel - Don't believe it when they say they will ship by Courier during postal strike!

Posted on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 11:34pm CDT by cc02edfd

Product: Cookware

Company: The Shopping Channel

Location: Ontario, BC, CA


Category: Other

Knowing there was an imminent possibility of a postal strike, the shopping channel made a big point of telling shoppers via their website and tv show that everyone who placed an order would automatically be upgraded to courier at no extra cost.

I placed an order online on June 2, 2011, and before I finalized it, I decided to phone customer service to just make sure it would come by courier. The representative was emphatic that it would be sent courier and said, "haven't you been watching the show? We make sure that we inform our viewers every few minutes that their order will be upgraded to courier at no additional cost." Satisfied, I finalized my online order and printed out my order confirmation that clearly states "Shipping Method: Purolator Ground"

Almost two weeks later, I still haven't received my order so I checked my shopping channel online account and lo and behold it says shipped by Canada Post who are now on strike!!! I had told the representative I would not place an order if it was coming by Canada Post! They lied to get my money.

I then phoned customer service today to get an explanation. I have been charged almost $100 for my order that may take months to receive. I told her that I would never have placed the order if it was being shipped by Canada Post, and wanted to know why my order confirmation said "Purlolator Ground" if it was in fact sent by Canada Post. I also said that I needed the product right away, and if it couldn't get here, to refund my credit card. The representative laughed, offered no explanation, and simply said, "sorry, nothing we can do. Thanks for shopping with us." CLICK....SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!

This is false advertising,unethical business practice and the worst customer service I have ever seen to say the least. In fact, I believe what they have done to be illegal. They made a promise (to ship by courier) in exchange for my consideration (my money) and failed to keep their end of the contract.

Businesses like this should be out of business.


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