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Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2011 at 1:22pm CDT by e7128ca3

Company: craigslist

Location: US


Category: Job, Career

I read the help wanted ads (labor gigs) at craigslist looking for work.

An individual or perhaps a group have decided to flag and harrass people who place help wanted ads. They seem to feel that no one is offering wages or benefits to their liking so they have chosen to flag and harrass advertisers and ask others to do the same.

Go to gigs and search Re in the title and you'll find plenty. Flag these ads please, a little of their own medicine may help...

For reference I've seen ads offering up to $50 per hour flagged. I ask what is wrong with $50 per hour? I've also seen ads at $10 per hour flagged. I can see where they'd like more than $10 per hour but I myself would love to make $10 per hour. We are unemployed. have kids, a mortgage and many other bills just like anyone else. Mininmum wage is $7 per hour. Try working minimum and any of these jobs look great!

I can only assume these whiners are either socialists, communists, unionists or living at home with mommy and daddy.

The remedy would be for craigslist to end this rediculous practice of allowing flagging of ads. This practice undermines the integrity of the site and it's users.

Please CL, end the senseless flagging of good and helpful ads. We are hungry, are on the verge of loosing our home and idiots are flagging off ads that represent opportunities to work. Let us decide whether we want to work for others ourselves and not be limited by short sited and greedy indiviuals.

Thank you for reading my complaint and hopefully acting on it.

Everyone please speak up about this senseless practice at craigslist of flagging any ad. Let the people make their own decisions! Thanks again.

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27f8a4c5, 2011-06-13, 02:43PM CDT

I agree. It seems at craigslist the honest, legitimate hardworking person is not respected. I really am beginning to think the scammers and criminals are ruling the site.

What a shame. God bless and protect you. May you recieve Gods bountiful blessings.

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