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Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2011 at 2:55pm CDT by 0f6e71b5

Product: Pepsi Cheated Me Out Of A Job

Company: Pepsi

Location: Orlando, Fl, US


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ATTENTION 99ERS: And there's alot of us out here...I am boycotting Pepsi, if you are unemployed and have had your resume ignored or promised a call back only to be given the shaft, then by all means join this boycott..Let me begin at the beginning...I have been out of work now for 2 years, Pepsi and Coke both practically promised me jobs and both have since ignored me. I was told by a Coke employee "as far as I am concerned you have the job, we'll call you within a week with your start date"..three months later no call and when I asked about my potential job I was told rather rudely "no call no job" Then as if that wasn't enough I received an email from Pepsi "watch for an email or the website for the next steps in the hiring process" 6 months later the website changed it's format and my log in info was no longer accepted...I went from having two possibilities down to being denied access..."WHERE'S MY FUCKING NEXT STEPS IN THE HIRING PROCESS??" DICK LICKS! I am soo over companies...pulling this bs! They're not only slitting our throats by not hiring us, but they are also slitting their own throats..because, yes, we pay into ss, but not our own the generation before us supplies our if these morons refuse us jobs then there goes their future ss...we are switching to RC or better yet Dollar Tree Cola it's just as good..all 99ers stick together, really anyone unemployed stick together..boycott Pepsi and Coke....

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c458eec9, 2011-06-21, 02:39PM CDT

I'll join this one, no more pepsi or coke for me..I lucked out though, I found a company that was willing to give me a chance and for $5 more an hour then Pepsi was willing to pay...they screwed me out of a job too, but it worked to my advantage..up yours coke/pepsi..I have moved on!!!

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