Hatfield Pet Specialties - Hatfield Toy 3/8 control collar

Posted on Saturday, July 9th, 2011 at 7:56am CDT by 6d063150

Company: Hatfield Pet Specialties

Location: P.O.Box 2670, Bentonville,AR. 72712
Bentonville, Ar, 72712, US

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My husband bought this collar just 2 days ago. From the puppy scratching the new item around his neck... the collar tightens and does not loosen up. Our month old puppy was coughing and coughing... I thought he had a hairball. Finally I realized his collar was so tight it was choking him! I was unable to loosen it at all. I ended up having to cut it off of him before he died! This was the second time it has happened! This is a very dangerous collar and should be removed from the market. Also from the puppy scratching... it pulls the threads on the outside the collar and pulls it in a circular way making it even tighter around the puppy's neck! I have scanned it in and would like to send you the photos of the collar showing how the threads have drawn up. I am soooo happy that this was discovered before we lost our little guy! DO NOT USE THIS COLLAR FOR YOUR PUPPIES!


Luke R., 2012-10-21, 02:17PM CDT

You must have had it adjusted way TOO TIGHT. I have used the Hatfield Control collars for years and years and have never had any trouble with them at all. All my friends use them as well. This is a very great product. The leash collar combo is also a great product. Your dog cannot break free and run away.

Brian Z., 2015-05-13, 09:19PM CDT

This particular type of collar is not meant to be left on the dog at all times. It is meant to be used in place of the chain type choker collars when walking your pet. That's why it is called a "Control" Collar and not just a collar. The fact that it is designed to tighten around the animals neck when they pull should be evidence enough that you shouldn't leave this on 24-7. You are lucky you did not lose your dog, but it was your negligence that caused the issue to begin with. Then to do it a second time, as you say, that's just irresponsible. You should think before you post a negative comment about a product. Ask yourself, "did I do something wrong?" "Did I use the product in a dangerous manner?"

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