Hatfield Pet Specialties - Hatfield Toy 3/8 control collar

Posted on Saturday, July 9th, 2011 at 7:56am CDT by 6d063150

Company: Hatfield Pet Specialties

Location: P.O.Box 2670, Bentonville,AR. 72712
Bentonville, Ar, 72712, US

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My husband bought this collar just 2 days ago. From the puppy scratching the new item around his neck... the collar tightens and does not loosen up. Our month old puppy was coughing and coughing... I thought he had a hairball. Finally I realized his collar was so tight it was choking him! I was unable to loosen it at all. I ended up having to cut it off of him before he died! This was the second time it has happened! This is a very dangerous collar and should be removed from the market. Also from the puppy scratching... it pulls the threads on the outside the collar and pulls it in a circular way making it even tighter around the puppy's neck! I have scanned it in and would like to send you the photos of the collar showing how the threads have drawn up. I am soooo happy that this was discovered before we lost our little guy! DO NOT USE THIS COLLAR FOR YOUR PUPPIES!

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Luke R., 2012-10-21, 02:17PM CDT

You must have had it adjusted way TOO TIGHT. I have used the Hatfield Control collars for years and years and have never had any trouble with them at all. All my friends use them as well. This is a very great product. The leash collar combo is also a great product. Your dog cannot break free and run away.

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