UPC Nederland - UPC Nederland Bad Products/Customer Service

Posted on Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 6:01am CDT by 946d25d1

Product: Internet/TV/Telephone

Company: UPC Nederland

Location: Postbus 320
Lelystad, No, 8200 AH, NL

URL: http://www.upc.nl/

Category: Other

Ongoing problems since February 2009 until present.

Firstly, all 3 services (TV/Phone/Internet) that we pay 65 euros per month for didn't work correctly.

To keep it short in the 2 years we have used UPC Nederland:


1st TV mediabox - wrong software card

2nd TV mediabox - software faults/hardware issues

3rd TV mediabox - short circuits the electricity in the house and also ruins the aerial cable.

4th TV mediabox - UPC box crashes when trying to load television guide.


Days of no connection/intermittant connection

In total approx 14 appointments and approx 7 visits from 'technicians', the difference being because appointments were cancelled by UPC themselves because at the particular moment in time they tested the connection and it worked, even though we advised it was an intermittant problem mostly. We had to ring up and make the appointment again and wait for another week for them to come to our house. Days were taken off work to cover for this.

5 replacement modems and 3 replacement connection terminals later, the problem remains with intermittant connection.


No landline connection for the first few months.

I have been dealing with UPC Special Care on and off over the past few months because of the internet issues, and I have sent them 3 emails in the past 6 weeks, none of which they have responded to.

Absolutely disgusted with products and service.


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