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Posted on Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 12:54pm CDT by a17c4369

Company: Home Depot

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When the Granite was delivered the installers can to home 6 hours late! At the time I lived 4 hours away, so waited in the car (In Texas, HOT) for them to show up. The kitchen is a large kitchen and had already been told that it was going to take all day. During the installation of the back wall above the kitchen sink, they had drop the granite on the top of the cabinets and was losing grip and was about to land on floor when they started to scream for my husband to come to help. After they lifted into the spot my husband was so mad with the worker he left before saying something he might regret.

After the problem with the back wall granite the installer comes and informs me that he cut the granite to short and I could fix it, I replied that I was going to talk to Home depot about the problem. He then just shook his head. The granite that goes on the wall between the cabinets is about 2 inches to short, so now you see sheet rock. Also during the fall of the granite the edges were broken so they putted (white putty with black granite) the pieces back together then clued to the wall. The granite also has places where they had slipped with the grinder and cut into the sides of the (Half Bull nose edge I believe they called the edge) granite. On top of the granite there are numerous spots that are scratched. The granite seams do not match and are rough and in some spots do not meet so they putty with black caulk.

After finishing the job at 10:00 PM, which meant me seating in the car for eleven hours in the heat and still having to drive 4 hours home. I watched the installer sweep up all the granite pieces and dust from the floors and that is when I saw the scratches on the floors and thats when the installer looked at me and said, (I have this same floor and they just get scratches.) Thats when I informed him that the floors were just installed last night in this area. I know that they had no scratches and thats why I had asked for them to cover the floors.

The installer ask me to sign the paper work and when I refused the other installer went to the van while the one installer began harassing me saying he should have never came and installed the granite and some other words that I will not use.

I was very scared and sent my granddaughter to the car and as a trained counselor was trying to calm the installer down, by explaining that the damages were inacceptable. I explained that my new hardwood floors and my newly white cabinets now were damaged with gouges and scratches and that I was not satisfied with workmanship of the granite. After the talk ,installer took pictures and left.

I called Home Depot that night and was told that the store was closing and to call back in the morning. When I called the store the next day and explained the problem I was told that someone would get back with me but I never heard from them.

I called back and again explained my problem to a customer service representative and then had to explain it to the manger, which then I was told he would have to investigate the problem.

After not hearing from them in a week I called back and had to explain the problem to another manger in which then I was told that he would have to file an insurance claim and that it was out of his hands.

After a month went by and many phone calls I finally had the Home Depot insurance company come by and take pictures and agreed that the work was sloppy and that the floor and cabinets were damaged.

It is now going on two and half months and I get a phone call from Home Depot stating that there insurance company is not paying that the granite company is sending their insurance company out but did not know anything else. At this time I just wont home depot to fix my flooring and cabinets and come and get their granite out of my home with my refund of $6000.00 that I paid! Now I see why you have to pay up front because they know that the work is appalling!

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Sheronda G., 2011-07-15, 10:12AM CDT

Hi my name is Sheronda and I'm with Home Depot customer care. I'd like to look into this for you. Please email me your order information to [email protected], I'd be happy to help!


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