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Posted on Thursday, July 7th, 2011 at 4:55pm CDT by 55e83cc6

Product: Home phone connect modem SKU FT2260VW

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: US


Category: Other

We have had Home phone connect now for 4 months - no problem with service- until 2 weeks ago - calls connected but with alot of static, then no service, then intermittent -but poor at best. I called verizon and tech said sometimes Verizon sells to a different provider - since their closest tower is 5 miles away ( we live in a remote - white mtns- NH ). Cell phones no longer work at my home - have to drive 1/2 mile down the road! I need phone service but was told this could take 7-8 days - recalled 3 days ago - and told the tech order got bounced back - and will have to be resubmit. They Will not let me cancel contract - without penalty _ even though I have no service - and it appears has been contracted out to another provider!! We have 5 lines on the family plan and a customer for over 15 years. Tech was rude. Called time warner for a landline - will take 15 days to get one. Unbelievable! I'd like the tech to go without a phone for a day..

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c6966eb3, 2011-10-14, 02:08PM CDT

Same problem here. Dropped calls end error messages. Sometimes have to dial a number four times before it goes through. Called to cancel service and go back to Century Link but was going to be charged $175 for early termination. Filed complaints with the FCC, BBB, and our Attorney General's office. Waiting for results.

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