sebastian puntillo - ameristar casino east chicago is a thieves's paradise

Posted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 at 1:11pm CDT by 17813543

Product: the security , risk administrator

Company: sebastian puntillo

Location: 777 ameristar blvd
east chicago, IN, 46312, US

Category: Other

I was at ameristar casino east chicago on july 3rd 2011,about 5:15 pm,i went to the woman's bathroom,i hang my purse on the stall inside door hook,the hook is very high on the door,i can not see my purse when i sit on the seat,the thief in the next stall reach over the divider and took my purse,stole all my cash about $500,when I found my purse lose and look around,the thief quick dropped my purse back and go away with my $500 cash,another lady witness this,we notify the security keith kvajewski,the witness and I gave him a discription of the thief,there are cameras outside the bathroom,the thief came out just before me about 5:20 pm,they said they will check the tapes tomorrow,we went back on the next day to see risk administrator sebastian puntillo,he said will check the tapes and let us know, next day,july 5th,he called and said too many people he can not tell,but he lie,not too many people there,he just want to do nothing,we can tell,the only woman cameout before me was the thief in a black and white cloth,she was a black woman,of medium built,it should be easy to ID her,but they will not let us see the tapes,they said this happened before and will happen again,they are not responsible for these,they knew this was happening,but will not post a warning sign or lower the hook,this cause my purse been stolen, this place is really not a safe,their slots machines are very tight,i will never go back again.


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