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Posted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 at 9:42am CDT by Keith M. S.

Product: Telephone and internet

Company: Qwest

Location: Denver, CO, US

URL: http://qwest.com/

Category: Other

Lets leave out the specific reason I left Qwest several years back. Well call that ancient history. Everything Qwest has done since early March has been one huge muck up on Qwests part.

To begin, I had been contacted by your win back department a year ago or so, a Mr. Juan Acevedo promised me that Qwest has improved everything in my years with Comcast, who, by the way, delivered everything they promised. Mr. Acevedo creatively offered me a way to save money via your distinctive ring tone feature.

Mr. Acevedo promised me hed call me prior to installation of your Core Connect program. He estimated installation would be on March 8, 2011. On March 1, I was 30 miles from my home office when a technician called and said hed be at my location in 15 minutes. I had no heads up call! I told the tech that I could not be there and he left a card with new appointment instructions.

I called for a new appointment and was kindly told that wed make it for the 8th, as originally indicated. I pleaded with this person to NOT portal my number until we had accomplished the installation. I was assured that there would be no problem there. I then called Mr. Acevedo to get support for all this as he told me that for the first three months, I have your back! If stabbing me in the back was what he meant, then yes, he had my back. He has, to this day, never returned one call or email. And it gets better; on March 10th or 11th, I was portaled! I had no phone or fax that worked. I called every number I had and finally someone had me on the phone for about an hour while contacting every department at Comcast to which we were pointed. Finally, the Qwest rep did find out that the number had been portaled to Qwest and Qwest had possession of the line. She actually got a tech to me that same day.

I was up and running but the internet connection kept disconnecting and reconnection. Technical support checked the internal systems and said it must be my computer. Now this was my WiFi and it hadnt happened with Comcast. A tech came out and inspected everything he could and said I should be OK. I was not. I called again and a tech was going to come out Saturday March 12 (or was it the 19th?) between 8 AM and noon. He was a NO SHOW! He did call me and complain that he was over worked and did not get overtime. Very unprofessional! Monday, a tech showed up and traced the problem to the box around the corner and the central station switch. Great. Didnt work either.

Suffice to say, Mr. Acevedo was never available and your business services agreed to let me take the internet back to Comcast and I would keep the phone service with your Qwest Choice Business plan. Well, I received my bill and I was being charged a la cart!

The last rep I spoke with finally changed my plan and credited me for numerous erroneous charges. I think its all straight now. Well see when the next bill arrives.

All in all, my experience with Qwest this time around and been stressful, aggravating very time consuming and costly. I cannot express strongly enough how bitter I feel toward Qwest. I shall never recommend you to anyone. Comcast had my internet up and running the following Monday without any problems.


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