Hill Country Outdoor Power company - scam

Posted on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 at 1:38pm CDT by 983dc696

Product: Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Company: Hill Country Outdoor Power company

Location: 6800 Burleson Rd, Bldg 310, Ste 250
Austin, Tx, 78744, US


Category: Other

I have been ordering lawn equipment parts from partstree for several years. I ordered some more parts in June of 2011 and notice the part numbers were wrong when I received my order number 675779 and called and notified partstree and they verified that the order and order numbers were correct for my Echo PAS 261 trimmer serial #06004860 with attachments and serial number for it. I told them I wanted to make sure before I opened the parts package and installed them since the part numbers were different. I ordered $95 worth of parts and all fit correctly except one part, The Articulating Hedge Clipper Attachment. It was about 3 inches too short. I called partstree again and then I explained to them that the part was too short. They then checked on a different system than the website and told me that their were two different hedge trimmers and mine was the newer one and not the one listed on the website. I ask to return the part I have for the correct part and was told I would have to pay for shipping/handling, but they would refund the part. I asked them if they could pay for shipping since there webiste did not indicate that there was a different or newer part, they told me no because I ordered the wrong part, they told me I should have known or checked with the manufacturer. I expressed my dissatifaction as a customer and told them that I ordered what was shown on there website as being the correct part and that I even called and had a representative from there company that verified this as well and now that it is wrong they will not pay for shipping for something that was there mistake.


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038c7eae, 2011-07-22, 09:03AM CDT

The Manager of our Customer Service department contacted this customer shortly after we received his complaint. After expressing our sincerest apologies for the situation, they talked through want happened and I believe the issue was resolved to everyone??s satisfaction. While we strive to make all customer experiences flow as quickly and accurately as possible, sometimes issues do naturally arise. It is critical to our growth and development that our customers feel that they can express their opinions freely and openly. We want to be your preferred source for lawn and garden equipment parts, so comments and complaints are always welcome and indeed greatly appreciated. Thanks!

d127e828, 2012-04-30, 11:33PM CDT

I placed an order and have waited now almost 6 weeks?? I was advised they do not do partial shipments and I would endure the cost of seprate shipments....I write back .....NO ANSWER?? I do belive this is a SCAM as NO effort to do anything to resolve......BUT they get the payment up front.......No reason to rush ....Or even EXPALIN!!!!! BEtter to buy least they will provide Great customer This company REALLY could care less!

09421d2a, 2013-09-27, 05:14PM CDT

Same type of deal. Flex shaft was 2" too short to work, was told I would have to pay for shipping back to get a credit, blah blah. Would cost me more to ship it back then they cost and I would still not have correct part.... no weed eatin' tonight!

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