Time Warner Cable - promotional bundle offers not honored

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2011 at 5:49pm CDT by 6867a6f4

Product: Bundling offer ending in April for Charlotte area

Company: Time Warner Cable

Location: P O Box 70872
Charlotte, NC, 282720872, US

Category: Other

Several years ago when we first signed up for Time Warner package, the ad offered $300 in gasoline or $300 in groceries. I chose the groceries and did everything that I was supposed to - as far as saving my receipts and mailing them in. After not getting any response, I called the place out in Arizona that handled this and the person that answered said they had gone bankrupt. I called some other times too and was told the same thing. Then I called Time Warner and told them my plight. I received a duplicate of the initial offer to get the $300 off. I gave up. A friend told us that we could cancel the service since we didnt get what we were promised. I knew that was true, but love the DVR and other features.

Well, fast forward to April of 2011. We were moving, so decided to take advantage of the $99 a month for 1 year offer (figuring this was only fair). I applied in my name and took notes that we would get Showtime and Turbo Speed internet free for a year, that a second box was included, that we would get 250 channels. I was told that with tax, our monthly rate would be $114.31 and the installation fee would be $44.98. Then we got this bill for $147.52 (which included a charge for Showtime at $21 and Turbo for $9.95) saying it was overdue and with an additional $318.65. My husband called and talked to numerous agents. One of them said that Showtime and Turbo Speed internet wasnt even offered in this area. We would like to continue with Time Warner, but think it is only fair that we be billed for the $114.31 per month for one year. We did fail to get our Voice Mail and got that straightened out and with that, it would be an additional $2.77 per month. We are 73 & 72 and feel like that we are being taken advantage of. My husband paid by credit card over the phone 2 days ago.


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