Johnson Cleaners UK Ltd - Worst drycleaner's service

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2011 at 9:52am CDT by 0ddf3141

Product: Dryclening

Company: Johnson Cleaners UK Ltd

Location: Lydia House, Puma Court, Kings Business Park, Kings Drive
Prescot, L34 1PJ, GB


Category: Other

I'm writing to you to complain about an incident in your store in

Sloane Avenue (London). About 3months ago I brought in a white fur

jacket for repair and cleaning. When I went to collect it, it had lost a

lot of hair, it was limp and it had come back with yellow patches!! When

I complained to the manager he suggested that I had brought it like that

in the first place and that in any case pure white fur doesn't basically he called me a liar and had very little idea about

the kinds of fur out there. Because I insisted on the jacket being

brought back to its original state, he sent it to some other place to

try and amend it. About 1.5 months later, since I didn't hear from

anyone I came back to the store - they had my old details and they

didn't check that before I left the jacket. The jacket had come back in

a MUCH better state than last time I saw it and most of the yellow

patches were gone. When I reminded your store manager about him calling

me a liar earlier

he said he didn't say that before - he might have forgotten but I

didn't.. I asked him to please erase the 2 or 3 yellow patches left,

even though he seemed extremely bothered about that and kept making

noises with his nose to disapprove. Today I went back to the store

again, after another 1.5 months and not hearing from anyone (I do get

your newsletters every month now though) even though the new details

have been provided. As I walked in I asked for the manager and they told

me to wait because he was downstairs. After a while, the male assistant

told me that, as strange as it might seem, he was sleeping. But wait, it

gets better! When I asked that if there were his working hours maybe he

could wake him up, the female assistant told me that he hadn't slept

last night and that I should come back some other time. The treatment

I've had from your so called "no 1" drycleaners in the UK is ghastly

to say the least. I just wanted you to know of what I have experience -

is i

t normal in your company or is it an isolated incident (that has been

going on for a while)? I would like you to reassure me that this is not

the case and that you will actually do something about it.

Many thanks.


Thank you for contacting customer services. Firstly, please accept our

sincere apologies for the poor service you have received on this


I can assure you this is not the level of service we expect from our

employees. I will forward your email to the Regional Manager and await

his instruction on how we should resolve your complaint. I will be in

touch as soon as I have feedback for you.


Dear Jan,

It has been almost a month and I still haven't heard back from your customer service with regards to my note. I'm starting to think that the levels of service you provide are standard throughout...I look forward to you proving me wrong.


Should you wish to take independent advice the Textile Service Association 0207 8439490 are very well informed.



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