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Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2011 at 3:38pm CDT by 77bd62d2

Product: Barclays Credit Card

Company: Barclays Credit Card : Card Services

Location: Card Services PO Box 8801 Wilmington, DE 19899-8801
Wilmington, de, 19899, US

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I'm choice hotels rewards card member and on their invitation I applied for "Choice Privileges Rewards' credit card, i.e. Barclays Choice Privileges Credit Card.

With in a few months I received few checks with Balance Transfer offer for 0% for 15 months, well looks good. So I deposited one of the checks to my personal accounts. I paid 3% balance transfer fee. First 3 month I paid the minimum payment and all of a sudden after 3 months they started charging me interest at regular rate of 16%, good lord, what's this.

I talked to probably 6 customer service agents, they have no proper answer why they started charging me interest. They give me lame reasons that doesn't make sense. Asks me if I have a copy of the check, or check# etc.

Yesterday I talked to supervisor after 3 attempts, she seems to repeat what the customer service people provided. It makes no sense at all how they can start charging me interest and invalidating their offer and that too without any notice. I was always on time with my payments, never missed any payments. My credit score is excellent.

Not sure who to reach out to resolve this, I can't pay off the card right away, I need at least few month to arrange the money.

Based on my brief experience with Barclay Bank I recommend that consumers stay as far away from them as possible, in my brief relationship with them they have been nothing but trouble.


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