Apple Tree Honda - Avoid Apple Tree Honda

Posted on Saturday, July 30th, 2011 at 12:34pm CDT by Doug D.

Company: Apple Tree Honda

Location: Fletcher, NC, US

Category: Other

Took my 2010 Honda Fit in for routine oil change & tire rotation prior to a long trip. Apple Tree provides a free car wash with service (nice) but failed to reattach my radio antenna after the wash. I took my own Mobil 1 oil with me and they installed it, but charged me for 4 qts. of oil anyway. On the way to my son's house the car started making a terrible squealing noise like I was dragging tin under the car. Pulled over and didn't see anything dragging so went on to my son's. Called Apple Tree who said they didn't even remove the wheels on the car (remember I requested tire rotation) and so couldn't have done anything to account for the noise. Also told me that I'd have to call the 800 number and have my car towed back to them, where they would get to it on Monday (remember, I'm leaving on a trip, which is why I was having the service done to begin with). Called American Honda's 800 number and got to file a complaint but not talk with anyone who could do anything about Apple Tree's slackness. To summarize, Apple Tree failed to replace an antenna they had removed, failed to perform a service I specifically requested, charged me for oil they did not use, and failed to send a mechanic or a tow truck down the road for a car they had just worked on. Oh, and the service manager was "too busy" to call me back, so I was stuck talking with a service advisor with no authority. In short, Apple Tree's idea of customer service is not mine, they will never see me or my car again, and I am going to tell everyone I meet to avoid these bozos.


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