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I have been given authority by Mrs H to approach you for help; she is a very dear friend of 40 years. I appreciate Barclays will not correspond with me in this matter nor do I want to become involved in what is a sensitive and private matter. Mr H (Peter) is in a care home and has lost his mind and I am afraid Mrs H is herself on the verge of a nervous breakdown with the worry of her husband and his hospital care costs that are mounting by the day. The problem as I understand it is, not all his pension is being transferred into his French account I understand Peter banked at this branch before they moved to France; he worked for many years at Barclays and has a pension with you.. I have no account details but I do have a copy of a French Court Order that Mrs H has been granted regarding all Peter??s Barclay Accounts. You may take a copy if you wish but the original is with Mrs Harkin which no doubt you will need. I spoke to Mrs H yesterday after obtaining a telephone number from Barclays for her to ring to get guidance on what to do, she is so stressed out that she was unable to make the call. I hope you will have understanding in the position both Mr and Mrs H are in, Peter who has dementia while Mrs H aged 72 needs someone from Barclays to help her take control of their finances. I understand the money is there but she just needs to get to it I feel because Peter was staff and I understand they pay extra for help with Premier Banking there is a duty that you should help this vulnerable lady. It would help if the same person could make all the contacts so she will not get confused and can trust that person more like a friend, she is not a business type of person.

I have informed Mrs H that I expect someone from Barclays to contact her tomorrow (29/6/11) after calling in at Chelmsford with this letter, her telephone being 00 33 ----. She visits Peter most days but will be home after 15.30 GMT

This is the letter I gave Barclays with names and numbers erased, after about 45 minuets discussing the situation with two robotic managers I gave up. These are some of the answers they gave; we can not call outside the UK to speak to Mrs H, even when I said use my mobile they would not, Mrs H must come back to the UK and Barclays in Cannes could not be used even if she had no money for the air fare and I would have to help her with the costs. The final straw was being told I would have to make any complaint because only someone who lives in the UK can make a complaint for Mrs H, she could not make the complaint as she lives in the South of France. OMG. Meanwhile Peter is in danger of being discharged from the hospital for non payment of care and/or Mrs H having her home sold to pay for these care costs.

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