Blademaster Mowing LLC - I want my Money Back!

Posted on Friday, July 29th, 2011 at 10:56am CDT by 3f4867e5

Product: Landscape Service

Company: Blademaster Mowing LLC

Location: 206 36th St. W
Bradenton, Fl, 34205, US


Category: Other

I had been a customer of Blademaster Mowing for almost 3 years, however; the service began to become poor and I asked Blademaster Mowing to please cancel my service. At the time of my request which was prior to the start of a 3 month pre-paid period on June 1st, my automatic check payment for the amount of $189 was already in process and could not be cancelled. I e-mailed the owner and he stated that it was no problem and that when he got the check, it would be refunded. Service also stopped being provided at this time. After a few weeks, I e-mailed him again because I did not receive a refund. He stated that my check to him was cancelled by me, that he had to pay a fee, and that I needed to contact my bank on the issue. I did so, and confirmed that the money was taken from my account; I also got a copy of the stamped check showing that it was deposited into Blademasters account with no problems. The owner of Blademaster said that he needed to check with his bank and that he would get back to me. Two e-mails to him later and there has still been no contact from him. Blademaster has been paid for (3) months of service that has not been rendered, nor has my rightful money been returned. I have all proof necessary to back up my claims.


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