FedEx - Terrible

Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 at 7:48pm CDT by 901cc5d0

Product: Delivery

Company: FedEx

Location: ANTIOCH, IL, 60002, US


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Have you ever wondered what incompetent meant? Let me tell you in one word, FedEx. Its suppose to be one of the nation's premier delivery services, but they are nothing more then incompetent fools, but I guess with recession, comes companies getting cheaper, and replacing people with dummies. I never used FedEx that often, but I used them now and then. I have lived in an apartment complex for the past four years. If I am not home, and I have deliveries, the items are always left at the office, and the office people sign for it. Its a great system. Never had any issues with UPS, USPS, or DHL, or FedEx prior to this. I had a guaranteed package for three days, to be delivered today. I was at work, so I expected the normal routine, however, for some odd reason, the driver decided not to deliver this package today, but return it. I was tracking it, and saw that they didn't deliver it and it was being returned. I called within 10 minutes of this to get some answers. The first person I spoke to stated they would redeliver, I gave them my number, someone was going to call me, it was settled. I waited an hour and a half, nothing. I called back. The second person said that that wasn't going to happen, that the package was going back and because I waited, nothing could be done. I told her I called long ago and that wasn't what the first agent told me, she argued the points, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. He assured me it would be redelivered today, and left at the apartment office if I wasn't home. I watched the tracking, and eventually got out of work and went home. The office closed, but I was home. Nothing happened. They told me drivers were out until 8, so I called at 7:15 to see what was up, the rude associate who answered said the supervisor couldn't do what he said, even though it was noted for redelivery, then refused to transfer me to another supervisor telling me nothing further would happen until tomorrow and that if it was going back, I wasn't going to get the item. She also stated that just because you pay for a guaranteed 3 day shipping, doesnt mean it will happen. Happy birthday mom, hope you like the picture of the gift I bought you and FedEx sent back and refused to deliver.


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