Pilates Reforming New York - Pilates Reforming NY tried to cheat me every step of the way

Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 at 9:37am CDT by bda378db

Company: Pilates Reforming New York

Location: 130 West 42nd Street, Suite 804
New York, NY, 10036, US

URL: http://www.pilatesreformingny.com/

Category: Other

1. Bait and switch - They advertised starter package with 5 private sessions expiring in 60 days online, when I purchased the package, they only gave me 30 days - http://www.pilatesreformingny.com/reformingny/rny%20documents/fee_schedule.pdf

2. The company tried to nickle and dime me by scheduling more expensive classes than what I have purchased. I have called multiple times to schedule private sessions. When they finally did, someone called me a few days later telling me that I have to pay extra for some of my classes because the instructor is more experienced. They are well aware of what i paid for, and they should not be scheduling more expensive classes for me that require additional payments (at least not without my consent)

3. I had to schedule 5 private sessions that I bought from them. Apparently no instructor is available, and my first session was 10 days after I paid for it. Not to mention there is an expiration date on the package, now I have 20 days to schedule 5 sessions

4. They cancelled my class without informing me, and charged me for it as well. I got sick on the day of one of my private session. My husband called, and he was told that I cannot cancel the class because I have to call 24 hours in advance. He then explicitly said do not cancel, we will call back if we need to. I decided to go, and when I got there, not only I was told they cancelled my class because I'm sick, the receptionist refused to reschedule or refund my class. They had cancelled the class without talking to me at all (if they would not authorize a credit card payment based on my husband's phone call, they should not be cancelling my class based on his phone call either, let alone he did NOT request it to be cancelled). They also did not cancel my class in the online system, based on their website, nothing is confirmed unless I get a confirmation email from it, and I did not get a confirmation saying my class was canceled! It was clearly their mistake that the class was cancelled, and they need to take responsibility for it. Not only they blamed it entirely on me, the receptionist has added in a derogatory and judgmental tone saying: "Your husband should never have called. In fact, you don't look sick to me at all. I don't think you should get a refund, I don't think you should get a class, and I don't think you should get anything!".


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