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Product: postcard printing

Company: Fast Color Printer Inc.

Location: 2390 26th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33713
St. Petersburg, FL, 33713, US


Category: Other

Fast Color Printer Inc, Mr. Color Printer Inc.,, Go 2 Print Now Inc,, Robin Hughs, Anthony P Valente JR.

All at one time or currently associated with printing business at: 2390 26th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33713

I warned Fast Color Printer 2 months ago that if they continued to take the position that any or all of $742 in an unapproved art file, unprinted, unshipped order that was processed by credit card but cancelled prior to being introduced into the print cue was theirs, I would pursue every means to collect my money and expose their fraud. In the event there was any confusion, I sent 3 emails in the last week detailing every aspect of the transaction. I said a non response would be seen by me as an unwillingness to discuss the matter reasonably.

I found -(Fast Color Printer, Inc. 2390 26th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33713) in an online search seeking two sided color postcard printing. I have since discovered they operate under many names. I submitted payment in consideration of 4 separate printing jobs On May 20 2011, using a Chase Visa card. Not familiar with the checkout, I made the purchases ungrouped and before seeing what were described as "free artwork check" for each item. In other words; free digital proofing of resolution, color mode, safe area bleeds and the design itself. Described as: "This service is absolutely FREE and you are under no obligation or order or buy anything from us."

My files were submitted as A, B, C, and D. Paid $371 (including s&h) x3 for 5000 6x9" 2 sided color postcards and $340 (including s&h) for 10000 4x6" 2 sided color postcards, for a total of $1453. I approved of A and D, A, being one of the 6x9" 2 sided color postcards and D, being the 2 sided 6x4" color postcard. I did not approve of B, or C, though I had paid $371 each or $742 on the possibility I would approve.

In initial email correspondence and phone conversations I was asked to wait and see the quality of the first two approved purchases being shipped to me before making the decision to reverse funds for the two unapproved postcards.

Fast Color Printer - Alexus to meshow details May 23Hi O,

I wanted to follow up regarding our conversation this morning. The refund process will take 10 business days through the bank and by then you will probably receive the first 2 orders.Did you want to wait until you receive the first 2 orders to make a final decision?

I said I was sure I wanted my money back now.

O O to alexusshow details May 23Hi Alexus,

It's going to take a few weeks for me to see how well it goes. Please run the refund now. 10 days isn't bad. If all goes well I'll be ordering more from you in the near future. Best, -O

I was told getting my money back would take 10 days. Subsequently I was told a penalty of $50 per unapproved art check order would be subtracted from each of the 2 $371 unapproved purchases. That this would be held as a credit towards my next purchase. I argued the policy seemed to be intended for post "free" art check approval cancellation request and that I had not approved either B, or C. terms of service:

"Cancellations, Cancelled orders require compensation for incurred costs and related obligations at the time of cancellation. Due to the speed of our turnaround, you may only cancel a job the same business day you place your order. A minimum charge of $35 is applied to jobs cancelled before our evening cutoff time of 6pm. A minimum charge of $50 is applied to jobs cancelled before plating occurs at 8pm. No refunds will be given for orders cancelled after 8pm of the same business day the order was placed."

Given purchase orders are made after an art check is approved, as was explained to me after I mistakenly prepaid, by a sales rep, I felt I was unfairly being penalized for paying before the "free art check". Terms in the cancellation policy such as "incurred costs and related obligations" "due to the speed of turnaround" "jobs cancelled before plating occurs at 8pm" all refer to a post "free art check" purchase approval. I had not approved, my artwork was not introduced to the cue, no incurred costs were imposed on Their cancellation policy clearly related to orders payed for and placed post artwork approval. They countered with a $35 per order, or $70 refund penalty, I again asserted this was not a cancellation. the two proofs had not been approved in what was described as a "free atrwork check". Again they offered to hold my money and to credit me towards a future purchase. By this time they had lost me as a customer. I would not have my money held hostage to encourage my patronage. I was told the refund would take 10 days. I was concerned about having 2 unreasonable cancellation charges, when in reality it was the the whole $742 that was in play. It's been 2 months since took my money and promised a refund within 10 days. The 2 orders they shipped were fine and $711 well spent. The two other orders have been a nightmare to get refunded.

I filed a case with my bank, they erroneously framed the claim as a duplicate charge and the claim was denied, I've since refilled and the money has been credited by my bank to my account. I have no confidence will ever refund my money or give my bank accurate information. is actively and willfully attempting to defraud me of $742. refuses to answer emails regarding the refund.

In one email where I was mistakenly refered to as Olaf:

"Fast Color Printer - Alexus to me, details May 26

Good Afternoon Olaf,

Sorry for the late response. I fully understand where you are coming from and your frustrations.I checked with my manager and we can lower the fee to $35 per order.As you understand, I am just following the terms and conditions.

I know you are a new customer and I, also representing Fast Color Printer--do not want to misrepresent who we are and the integrity we carry. Please accept my sincere apologies for any misunderstandings. We do file checks for everyone, absolutely free every time. Even if you approved your proofs, you are not obliged to order at any means. That's why I asked that you wait to view proofs first prior to placing the orders.

I enjoyed assisting you and definitely would want to see you as a returning customer. Going forward, we can refund you and deduct $70 total, or we can use it as a full credit on your next order. Please let me know your decision.


AlexusLive Chat with me at 10am to 6pm

Ticket Details===================Ticket ID: HTS-948281Department: AlexusPriority: HighStatus: Open

Reply Reply to all ForwardReplyFast Color Printer - Alexus to meshow details May 26

My mistake, O. I just spoke to a customer named Olaf. Please excuse my mistake. It's been a long day.


I responded:

"Oo to contact show details May 26

Nothing personal, Alexus, you are a good hearted woman. I filed an unauthorized charge claim with my bank today on both those tickets. The policy, while understandable if I had approved the proofs, committed to purchase, and then changed my mind, is not understandable given they were not approved. I want all my money back. Hell, if I could, I'd cancel the other 2 purchases in light fastcolor's abuse of their cancelation policy. What I said in my last note was: if anything, a single charge of $35 for what should have been a single, grouped purchase, -were it not for my lack of familiarity with your checkout, might have been acceptable. Now, however, I'm disputing, through Chase bank, Fastcolor's keeping any of my money for the 2 unaprooved cards. I've sold close to 2 million prints, do $1000's a week with printers on both coasts. When I take a deposit or get a full purchase amount for custom work, and a customer doesn't accept the proof I send, or cancels the order before I've done work or committed resources, I refund 100% of their $$$. I treat my customers the way I would want to be treated, you know, the golden rule. Fast color, your manager... Whoever is looking to take my money without just cause, is a crook. Cheaters never prosper. My bank assures me, my money will be back in my account tomorrow, they'll fight this, I'll warn people about fast color. Your manager is a loser, cost your company business. Did you know fastcolor played like this? Why didn't you mention these fees in all the emails or phone conversations/messages regarding refund? I'm done. Good luck with those people.

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I was not asked: "That's why I asked that you wait to view proofs first prior to placing the orders." I was told over the phone that I had mistakenly prepaid after I had done so before viewing the proofs. Mistake indeed.

Someone at, a manager, didn't like my interpretation of their cancellation policy: charging a customer with $50, or even $35 penalties for an unapproved art check order is predatory and an abuse of a return policy described in post artwork check terms. They then took the sophomoric position that I should lose all money, $742 for two unapproved, unprinted, unsent orders. Shame on No integrity. Poisonous snakes in an industry that has served me well for 25 years. Beware of this company under any name.


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