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Posted on Sunday, July 24th, 2011 at 9:12pm CDT by c234f9f2

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To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to make you aware of a situation that occurred Wednesday, July 20th at the U2 concert.

Our group of 6 were sitting in section 349 row 8, seats 3-8. About 3 songs into the concert, a man whom I can only imagine was a security guard by the name of Larry P, who was wearing a black polo with black pants, approached 2 of my friends and told him that there were some complaints about us standing and that if we don't sit down immediately we would have to leave. My friends Marc & Kevin asked why, everyone else is standing, this doesn't make sense, everyone stands at a concert. We were not acting inappropriately, disrespectfully or disorderly. We just wanted to know why could not "stand at a rock concert."

Larry P left and returned a few minutes later with 5 or more other security guards wearing bright yellow shirts. Larry came back extremely aggressive and threatening like he wanted a confrontation and wanted to kick Marc & Kevin out for "standing at a rock concert." He started screaming in their faces and then our friend Kevin gestured to step into the hallway so they could hear each other better. At this time Kevin was escorted out into the tunnel. He explained that he didn't understand how he could be threatened to be be kicked out for "standing at a rock concert" when everyone else was standing. This made no sense. No one gave him any explanation. At this point he's missing the concert and basically being intimidated by at least 7 security guards and one state trooper, all for "standing at a rock concert."

While Kevin was being reprimand for "standing at a rock concert", Marc was being grilled by Larry P. Larry was being very aggressive and down right rude trying to kick him out for "standing a rock concert". He kept saying people behind us were complaining, but there was no one sitting in the row directly behind any of us. It just seemed that Larry just wanted to pick a fight. Our night was basically ruined from this point on.

In the end, we were leaving the concert and we noticed Larry. We approached him in a nonthreatening manner to get his name from his ID tag and he happened to say "I hope I see you again soon" in a very moching way implying that her wanted to fight. Not only did we have to wait over a year to see U2 because the last concert was cancelled, but our night was ruined because we were all "standing at a rock concert."

I personally bought these tickets for this show close to 2 years ago. I am a huge fan of the band U2 and have seen them all 3 times they played the Meadowlands area for this 360 tour. This was a show that I was extremely excited for. This is the 15th time I have seen U2 in total and this is the show that I will remember the most due to how my friends and I were treated that night. I am an avid concert goer, I have been to over 175 concerts and I attend many other events at your establishments at the Meadowlands frequently. This incident make me want to reconsider ever going to an event at the Meadowlands again.

The fact is these security guards were representing U2, New Meadlowlands Stadium and the Meadowlands in a very bad light. No matter what you do from this point forward, we can not go back to that concert and have a good time, that time has come and is now past.

In light of what happened, I will be posting my experience at the concert as written above to my Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pages. I will also be posting this to the below websites as well as few other complaint websites so everyone else knows what happens and how unfairly we were treated.


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