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Posted on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 at 6:14pm CDT by elra murphy

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I;m not sure of the date,but it was in Apirl,my mother had cancer and her Will was in 2 of my brothes names,well my brother talked my mom into signing everything over to him,because he said my other brother was dangerous,he used scared tatic on my mom,my mom was taking a lot of pain medicine and having problems remerbering,Ihave the paper from hospice showing my mother was have problems remembering.the day I took my mother she ask him it was the same as the otheer one,he said yes,but that was untrue my mother made me and my sister power of attorney to make medical decesions on her behalf,that was changed,we ask to see the old will,and they refused,so my brother put locks on the door,and locked my sister out after she lived there 20 years,my brother isa taki98ng everything out.and according to mr brain thomas this is fair,but thats ok me and my 2 sisters

is putting a lien agaisnt the house,for payment for my sisters and I careing for my mom for 20 years.its not about the money we will sign that over to hospice,Mr Bthomas has other complaints agaisn't him type in complants agaisnt Brain thomas,And im filing a KBA complaint agaisnt him.


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