East Hamilton Radio - East Hamilton Radio misleading website pricing

Posted on Friday, July 22nd, 2011 at 11:05am CDT by c b.

Product: LG 47LK520

Company: East Hamilton Radio

Location: 1325 Barton Street East
Hamilton, On, L8H 4S9, CA

URL: http://www.easthamiltonradio.on.ca/

Category: Other

Recently my Mothers 2 year old Sharp LCD stopped working and she was looking to purchase another tv.

After shopping around on websites, the decision was made to purchase and LG 47LK520.

On the Future Shop and Best Buy websites the tv was on sale for $799.99, regular $849.99. In dealing with these stores the website prices are the same as in store unless clearly marked "web only." Their websites did not state this for this particular tv.

I then went to East Hamilton Radio's website and the exact same tv was listed on their website for $645 claiming regular price is $1099, and they were also running a promotion that ended July 21, 2011, where if you trade in any tv and purchase any LG 1080p, 42" or larger the price would be discounted further by $100.

Naively, I believed that just like most other reputable businesses, the price would be the same at the store as listed on the website and with the trade in the price would be $545. This did not occur.

So I get to the store July 20, which is not local for me, I live out of town and the tv is priced in the store at $749 with the trade in.

When I mention the website price, the salesman has no clue what I'm referring to, he has to go find a computer so he can look it up for himself.

While I'm waiting, I bring up the website on my blackberry and the model number and the price is just I saw earlier, LG 47LK520, $645.

The salesman then comes back and claims the ad is referring to a different tv. I then show it to him on my phone. At this point someone yells from upstairs claiming the website lists a different price because the trade in is already factored. So I guess I didn't need to lug in the old tv to get $100 off.

I was running for work and at this point my mom just wanted to get out of the store so she agreed to purchase the tv anyway. It was still $50 cheaper then the more reputable websites at Future Shop and Best Buy.

When I got home from work that night and checked the East Hamilton Radio website, the tv was at $799.

Now that I think about it, this is not a very good way of doing business and may be considered false advertising. If a store is going to list prices on their website consumers should expect to pay the price listed on the website unless off course clearly noted that store prices are not as listed on the website.

Overall, can't complain about the tv, but the price is definitely not as expected and I feel I was totally misled about the pricing and the promotion.


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