The Price Fighters - Crooked Dealership

Posted on Friday, July 22nd, 2011 at 8:52am CDT by a8a47175

Product: Used Car

Company: The Price Fighters

Location: Montreal Rd
Ottawa, On, CA

Category: Other

Gave 1000$ cash for an extended warranty a Black Focus(apprx: 5000$ financing. 15 days later the car lights stoped working (Second time around since they had already gotten that fixed by their mechanic). Exchanged for another car(DeVille,8000$+ for financing & 700 cash), after we agreed to a pick up date (the dealer was close to 2 weeks late on getting certified and fully fixed). Complained that I had just spent 1000$ on the warranty for the first car and 15 days later it was lost so the Dealership said they would figure something out and see if they could maybe find a way to have it transfered (they want to keep their customers happy). Called them back a few days later to say that there was multiple pop ups saying that there were problems with the car ( a bit peeved cause we waited an extra 2 weeks to make sure that all this was going to be fixed). An example of a pop up was that the tire pressure was low when it wasn't, he said all this was probably caused by the winter cold and that we would have this checked out after the holidays (in less then 3 weeks). We agreed since the timing was a bit hectic. Drove the car for about 2 weeks, parked it & went to Dominican for new years eve (gone one week). the day of our return I took the car for a late night shift at my work, and on my drive home the car just died on me as I went to brake at a red light. Nothing was working, everything froze including the brakes and steering wheel which made me run the red light,and I finally stop by hitting a curb. (it wouldn't start anymore, I thought the battery died, I don't know much about cars)While I was waiting for someone with booster cables, a police officer drove by and noticed that I was blocking a full intersection. Steped out to help me and told me it was an engine problem,by then the car would start but there was this horrible knocking sound and it kept stalling. He follwed me home (about 2 blocks away) at 10km/h to make sure there wouldnt be any problems. The next morning I called the dealership and told him what happend he says " You should of purchased an extended warranty, it's not my problem". Brought the car over to Canadian tire, turns out that after an oil change they never put the oil back in the car. After 2 months of harrasing them they decide to split with me on an engine (all I had to do was look around for a descent one). They kept calling me saying they had found one and wanted my share but could never tell me the information about the engine like the km for example. I told them I wasnt paying for something without more information other then it was going to cost me 1500$. A month later it's still the same thing, now he says his mechanic can't do the install so we need to find and split for an engine and an install (the cost for me just went up, I say nothing)Another month goes by, I finally found something that seems resonable, he tells me he found the perfect solution engine 140 000+km with install and a 3 mth warranty for 6500$. I tell him to wait 2 more days until I hear back from the guy I had been speaking with. I call him back and say I got an engive 120 000km with a one year warranty and install for 4300$ (2200 cheaper, better engine, longer warranty) He refuses, says that if I don't want to buy the engine that he found that he wants nothing to do with the car. Thats when I realised that even tho I was saving us 2200$, it wasn't enough cause his cost for the engine he found was still cheaper and that my cost would of covered the whole thing (He was still trying to %uck me over). 7 months later, it's still a fight. And now we are having problems with his financing buddy, (the dealer had told us he made arrangement with his friend that the payments were paused until the car was back on the road, a few months go by and we get a letter in the mail from Flex Financing saying they will take us to court if we don't pay what is due). And let's just say that these two crooked friends are meant to be together.

I am now planning on taking the dealer to court. I'm just out of options, I've never done this so I clearly don't know what I'm getting myself into. I need serious help.


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