Fivey Company - Painter for Fivey Company

Posted on Thursday, July 21st, 2011 at 4:40pm CDT by Jed e.

Company: Fivey Company

Location: 210 Porter Drive, Ste 220
San Ramon, CA, 94583, US

Category: Other

Paint vendor at Seaport Village blocked off exit and entry to parking lot. Posted no signs as to alternate routes, When I needed to leave, one painter walked over and held up the tape. when I returned, he looked over and looked away.

Crew supervisor said he didn't want to splatter paint on cars. But they had blocked off the near side parking the entire previous week! Why wasn't this sufficient today? What about all the parking spaces on the OTHER, far, side? A number of us were parked there. They put up the tape after people got to work this morning. Fivey's onsite manager was useless. Refused to take responsibility. Said to call the owner of the paint company. HUH! Who hired this paint company?


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