FAA Professional Air Duct Cleaning - Scam Air Duct Cleaning

Posted on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 at 1:30am CDT by 032146c9

Product: Family Fresh Air

Company: FAA Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Location: 6715 NE 63rd St Suite #103-202
Vancouver, Wa, 98661, US

Category: Other

This company advertised that they use negative pressure air duct cleaning which is a big scam. They did not do any cleaning that worth paying for the $75. You can do better job by just use home vacuum cleaner to clean the air vents. They blatantly scam as air duct cleaning and done absolutely very little cleaning with their machine and method. AVOID this company scam.


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e71f35e5, 2012-02-23, 06:10PM CST

This is true. The company is a complete fraud and offer absolutely no useful services. Stay far away!

fa0a2a76, 2014-01-13, 09:10AM CST

This company's ad arrived in the mail stating AC Duct Cleaning of all registers in the home and Free Dryer Vent cleaning for $59.99. The two techs arrived and 1 began setting up the vacuum system while the other began asking questions about the AC/Heating system trying to convince me it was old and has a record of problems with buildup.

This unit has been well maintained by the company that installed it since 1990 and after we bought the house. I explained to the tech that none of what he was trying to up sell was required, but that didn't stop him from consistantly trying. I kept an eye on the other tech who seemed to never go near the laundry room nor did he do all the register covers for cleaning. When the other guy realized I wasn't buying any other service I realized the other tech doing the work was starting to put away all his gear. At this point I wanted them out of my home and would never do business with this company again. They never honored their Ad and it is just to get into your home and try to strong arm sell you on other services for more money.

05080877, 2014-07-19, 04:31PM CDT

Crappy job with a shop vac of just the vents, something anyone could do themselves. Very high pressure upselling attempts. Big rip off.

b388d7dd, 2015-01-18, 10:53AM CST

SCAM SCAM and SCAM!!! everyone in this world needs to be aware, and this business, need not to exist on the marketplace.

* Hustlers, even when I was really sick/half dead, was under chemotherapy treatment for cancer, and they still got a bundle of money that I did not have from me, because they knew how desperate I was for clean air and I was an easy target with a cloudy mind.

* Don't care about you

* Untrained technicians that messes up my furnace multiple times, melted wires because they hardwired the useless UV light into my furnace

* Does not know how to clean air ducts correctly, I had to hired someone else to cleaned up their mess

* They tried making it up by offering me a "free upgrade" BS, and ended up drilling two holes, because the first hole was eye-balled it and did not use measurement tool, so they had to drill another hole on my brand new furnace.

* They had to borrowed my drill, because their drill don't have enough juice, and they unplugged my freezer in the garage to charged their battery. When I found that out the next day, everything in my freezer was garbage!

* Finally, all they do is make excuses of their wrong doings, and put everything on my side indicating how great they took care of me on BBB. They DID NOT do anything of what they said, and only to argued with me all the way. It was my bad that I let them into my property again, and lesson learned.

I lost a chunk of money to them, and now I can't even trust them to "service" the UV lamp.

I have more stories to tell about this unethical company than a textbook can cover! STAY AWAY EVERYONE!!!

7c24f2ed, 2015-05-27, 10:16AM CDT

First off they told me they would be at my house between 8-10 am no one showed so i called and the man that answered was rude, and said that i should expect them more towards 11am.

11am rolls around still nobody. They finally showed at 11:55am SERIOUSLY! I have a life too!

So the two men show up and neither speak good english, i could barely understand them, he tries to tell me all these things I need to do and I declined and he kept pushing and I stood my ground,and the man got frustrated that i didn't want to become a member. They also didnt clean anything for the coupon price they just vacuumed the outside of the vents. Its sad that they show a picture of a nice looking family for their ad and then contract out scam artists to steal ur money and do very limited work .I will never use this shitty company again!

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