boston harbor cruises - rude ticket taker

Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2011 at 7:58am CDT by b8f05479

Company: boston harbor cruises

Location: 1 long wharf
boston, ma, 02108, US


Category: Other

On July 17th I took my son who is autistic to the BHC Codzilla.(4pm trip) While waiting in line myson was hot and started jerking his body. The person taking tickets came to us in line and gave my son a dirty look. When I explained that he was autistic and could not control it she made the statement "He needs to chill, before he boards the boat." I told her that once the line begins moving he will be fine. Her response was "Better Hope So." The women in back of me who gave me their names if need be could not believe the way this person was speaking to me. I asked what her name was and she said kristin. I explained to kristin about tollerance and maybe I could talk to her mananger about it as well. She snickered and said "You do that." She then walked away. I asked one of the other employees what her last name was and they told me it was oneil. They also said" Nothing will be done her and her manager are best friends" I am appauled at the way this was handled and I need some advice from fellow consumers on what to do.


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