Hatfield KIA - Hatfield KIA of Columbus, Ohio

Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2011 at 3:26pm CDT by 691cd3be

Product: KIa ... Sportage

Company: Hatfield KIA

Location: 1455 Auto Mall Drive
Columbus, Oh, 43228, US

URL: http://hatfieldkia.com/

Category: Other

My 2006 Kia Sportage EX keeps gettin broken just from getting my oil changed... They keep lifting my car wrong... Breaking things under it, then they needed to fix it. Plus they never fixed everything yet!!.. Because they keep lifting it wrong.. Then I get upset and say put it down... then just because I got upset and stopped giving them 5 stars on the after dealership reviews... they asked me not to come back as a customer!! But a mechanic can come out and say "If we do such shitty work.. then take my vehicle to another dealer!!" WHAT??.. "I can't get mad because they won't stop the risk of damage by lifting it correctly?" They say the vehicle has more than one way to lift it... However they lift it in a place you shouldn't lift it from.. Then they bent parts and had to replace the parts at their cost.. So when they lift it wrong again I yell and say "put it down".. "Your lifting it wrong on the parts you broke BEFORE!!" I said "Do you get me??"....Hatfield Kia don't care... These dealers are private... so they can do whatever they want to your car or truck. And Kia won't stop them if they provide bad service..And if you give them a bad rating? They ask you not to come back...... I will TELL EVERY PERSON I KNOW FROM NOW ON. NEVER,NEVER,NEVER BUY A KIA..Never get a Car or Truck from Hatfield Kia Of Columbus... I never will again...



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