T-Mobile - Horrible Customer Service

Posted on Sunday, July 17th, 2011 at 10:20pm CDT by c6eae54b

Company: T-Mobile

Location: US

URL: http://www.tmobile.com/

Category: Other

My wife and I wanted to upgrade our phones. We contacted T-Mobile and they sent our phones but one was new and the other was refurbished. I contacted them and explained one of the phones was a used phone w/broken accessories. I also asked why would I want a used phone that I would have to keep for 2 years knowing the phone has a previous issue. I was told by a rep to go to a local store and get a new phone free of charge since we wanted the free phone promotion. We visited the store and we were embarrassed!!! The manager had one phone left and told us it would be around $180. We were shocked that we had to pay out of pocket and the rep never told this to us. So, we called the customer service center and were told the phone would not be free. Upset and still embarrassed I asked the rep why this was not explained to me over the phone. Wanting to just resolve the issue my wife said just let them mail the phone to us. So I agreed to have the phone mailed. Soon as I left the store my new phone started to give me issues. My internet wasn't working and I was not able to receive service in my metro area. Once I returned home I called and told T-Mobile to cancel my order that was placed earlier and I would send my phone back. I was told that my contract would revert back to the original contract along with the original plan. Wow did they LIE! I rejected the new phone as I was told and returned the other phone. I had another issue with the billing so I called to find out what was the issue. I was told "thank God you called because we did not notice that error". They credit my bill for the two phones and although I never paid for them because they were free. I was told I should have an updated bill in 24 hours. Curious because of my previous customer service issues I inquired if they reverted my contract and plan to the original I was told no and that the contract was extended for 2 years. I explained the situations and promises they made but the rep was not helpful. I spoke to a manager Sherri (id # 4836173) and she told me she could not help me because it's their policy.

I am upset because I did everything T-mobile told me to do and I have been a customer for almost 10 years and have been treated poorly. I figure they simply do not care about customer service since they have been bought by AT&T. If you believe that being treated fairly and not lied to this company is NOT for you. I will not remain a customer for another 2 years let alone 2 months.


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