Direct TV - Direct TV is very indirect!

Posted on Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 6:31am CDT by Susan C.

Product: Satellite television services

Company: Direct TV

Location: DIRECTV, Inc. Customer Service P.O. Box 6550


Category: TV, Music, Video

I tried to order Direct TV for a condo in Waterville, Me. Everything went fine with my order which I placed on a Saturday. I was told that my installation would happen on Monday 7-11-11. Unfortunately, on Sunday evening I received a phone call from the installer to say that service did not yet exist in my "building." (I live in a townhouse community.) I was then told to contact my "landlord." On Monday I called Direct TV at 9:30 am EDT (7:30 MT) and was told by Baxter that he needed to speak to a supervisor who would be in within an hour. I called back 3 hrs later and was told that the supervisor had sent an email to a regional coordinator and would get back to me. I called Baxter back 2 hours later and was informed that the installer was mistaken and that he would find our within the hour whether I would have my installation on Monday or Tuesday. AT 2:30 PM, I called back and got Elyse who had taken my original order and told her I could not stay home any longer and would she please arrange for installation the next day. She told me that she had communicated this to Baxter and that all was arranged. AT 7:30 PM I got an automated phone call asking me to set up an appointment for installation. I called back and was told that nothing could be done until Wednesday in spite of what I was told earlier. I cancelled my account as this company seems to have major internal communication problems.


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