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Posted on Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 12:01am CDT by ab1ffc7a

Product: Wii and the customer service

Company: Walmart

Location: 4545 W 6th Ave, Stillwater, OK
Stillwater, OK, US

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Last Friday (July 8) is my husband's birthday. I ordered a Wii for him as a birthday gift from and picked it up in store 3 hrs later. On Saturday (July 9) we tried to play the Wii but found the console did not work. We came to the customer service to change it. However, it is found the console has been returned before and the staff refused to exchange it. I was so shocked at that time. We paid for a brand new one. But in fact what we received? A broken one that has been returned a long time ago! How could a returned item be packaged, faked to be a new one and sold to the customer? It is absolutely cheating!

Instead of helping us, the customer service was quite impatient and had a very bad attitude to us. We explained that we used the "Pick up today" service and the Wii came from this local store. As a result, the store had the responsibility to exchange the product. However, the assistant manager did not listen to our explanation, still refused to exchange it and even expelled us rudely. The store manager insisted what the customer service did were quite right.

We felt really bad. It was an important birthday. We had a birthday party and our friends were waiting for us coming back with a good one and continuing the party. But everything was ruined.

We feel really hurt. For one thing, we have been cheated. For another, we were badly treated and threatened by the customer service. Needless to say, such a way to deal with customers is unacceptable. How could our family and friends trust Walmart and go there for shopping after such a nightmare?

Here is my question. Do I deserve all these? Can anyone give my some suggestions to solve the situation?

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c458eec9, 2011-07-29, 06:02PM CDT

Target did the same thing to us, sold us a returned non working one touch can opener as the time we figured out it wasn't bad batteries it was too late..Target refused to do right by us, maybe you can get some help from the Corporate Office, go to look for the contact us page tell them your have to know the store number and location and explain to them how you were sold a defective return item as new and how you feel your money was stolen by Walmart..tell them you have your receipt, all you want is a fair exchange..if they refuse to help you, then file a complaint against them with the Attorney General in your area..and tell them you will be filing formal complaints...that usually gets them off their asses! Good luck!

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