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Posted on Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 4:02pm CDT by 85dff327

Product: ISP webhosting

Company: AJT Designs

Location: AJT Design Inc. 1800 Pembrook Dr Ste. 300
Orlando, FL, 32810, US

URL: http://www.ajt designs.com/

Category: Other

The AJT Designs tech/customer support does not respond to any form of request including email,phone messages, company website contact form and support ticket process.

Even their online chat service is never available.

In fact I have tried to contact all departments which include Sales, Billing and Support multiple times. Over 20-30 times in a one week period. The only response I received was a message left on my phone from a sales rep of the company that wanted to sell me their hosting service.

Give it try

The phone number - 407-880-6810

Website - www.ajtdesigns.com

Also since I live in the Orlando FL area I decided to pay a visit to their listed address at the following

1800 Pembrook Dr Ste. 300

Orlando FL 32810

You may be interested to know that this is shared office complex and of course no one from AJT Designs was there.

If you are looking for a company for any of the following:

Web Hosting

Web Design

Search engine optimization

Any Online Marketing services of any type



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James L., 2013-06-14, 09:26PM CDT

I remember this guy when I was with AJT. Mind you, I am not affiliated in ANY way with AJT anymore, but this guy was a NUT CASE! He would call, hang up call again - and do this for hours on end. So yes, we did IGNORE HIM and didnt want to do business with him. Its not like we took his money and ran - NO, we IGNORED HIM BECAUSE HE WAS PSYCHOTIC! Anyone with THAT much time on your hands needs a hobby. We would be on calls, in meetings, and he would call over and over again, never taking a hint! So finally I was given the task to do just that - tell him "we weren't accepting any new clients at this time!".

AJT always took care of their clients, while nobody is perfect, this complaint is bunk! He wasnt ripped off, didnt take a dime or make a promise to him, nothing! We just saw he was PSYCO and didnt want to get involved WHATEVER his budget might have been. I know our work was good, but sometimes people just need to take a hint.

P.S. And the published address was a shared office - note PUBLISHED address - exactly for people like this! lol Worked as planned. Our real 300 plus clients had all of the contact info, direct lines, etc.

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