The Tile Shop - The Tile Shop in Springfield, VA - Bad return policy

Posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2011 at 5:19pm CDT by 3676f97d

Company: The Tile Shop

Location: 6715 Spring Mall Drive
Springfield, VA, 22150, US


Category: Other

Three months ago, I purchased some towel bar pieces from The Tile Shop in Springfield, VA. Turns out I wasn't able to have the bar installed and I tried to take it back. The return policy is that for purchases over $10 a check is issued (the total purchase was $24.12).

When I took the item back, the manager said I had to have my name and address in their computer system in order to send out a refund check (I'm assuming I did not give it to them at the time I bought the bar). Because my name and address weren't in there, they said if they issued a refund it would go to the store instead. I asked if they could add my address into the computer system then and there and they said there was no way to do so.

While I did not lose a lot of money, I'm annoyed that the store's return policy is so complicated and doesn't allow for exceptions, considering the small amount of items I was returning. Thankfully I didn't purchase anything expensive.


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