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Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 at 11:22am CDT by fd0694e7

Product: Verizon Wireless

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: 1 Verizon Way
Baskenridge, NJ, 07920, US


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Verizon coverage is horrible, at best. I suffered through almost two years of excessive dropped calls, and inability to use my cell phone in my home or even in my neighborhood.

Verizon could not fix the problem, I was in "a bad pocket" -- yet, I still paid $100 per month for my service.

After a dropped call when I had called 911 for an emergency, I deemed Verizon 100% inadequate. No one could ever hear or understand me due to the poor reception, to the point I stopped answering my phone and left my voice mail instructions, "please do not leave a message because reception is so bad, I cannot check messages."

I finally switched to AT&T and the reception is crystal clear. I can't believe I suffered this long with Verizon.

When contacting Verizon about this (after paying them $100/month for 20 months) they said there's nothing they can do to improve the service and I should have cancelled in 30 days. Nice response.

Then, they socked me with a $238.00 early cancel fee.

The people who work at Verizon are incapable of comprehending the problem, and are incapable of fixing the problem. Their only solution is to charge me more.

A disgrace to the business community.


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