Spiegel - Spiegel files bankruptcy & opens under new name

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2011 at 9:51am CDT by d698452b

Product: Clothing Items

Company: Spiegel

Location: One Spiegel Avenue
Hampton, VA, 23630-5000, US


Category: Other

Spiegel filed "bankruptcy" in June 2011 - Not refunding myself in the amount of $114.34 for merchandise returned. Most likely I will be caught up in a class action lawsuit. I would not have known this information if my call had not been answered this morning after trying to get through for days and sending an email to straighten out this problem - with no response. The customer representative stated Spiegel has now become a new company "Signature Styles". Boy oh boy - screw people and than move on! Beware of ordering from this company - I can see this happening more and more with mail order companies. You may want to reconsider when mail ordering.


466d82d1, 2011-10-12, 07:50PM CDT

As of October 2011, I receive email solicitations from SPIEGEL, without any new Company name. Shouldn't SPIEGEL use the new Co. name?

How misleading. So SPIEGEL filed Bankruptcy in June 2011?

This explains why I cannot get through to anyone via email, or phone.

dc61fb1d, 2011-12-12, 12:36PM CST

I am also in the same boat and to make matters worse-the customer service representatives that are answering the calls at the "new" Spiegel are unprofessional ghetto speaking and rude!!!! I have also learned that a couple on the cast of the reality show Housewives of New Jersey owned or co-owned Signature Styles and were using the money that was supposed to be used to pay their bills was used for extravagant shopping, trips and lifestyle. I will NEVER purchase from Speigel, Newport News, etc again and will make sure everyone I know is aware to not shop with them as well.

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