Rollands Goldens

Posted on Sunday, July 10th, 2011 at 12:34am CDT by 4a403d8f

Company: Rollands Goldens

Location: CA, US

Category: Pets, Animals

BEWARE - new puppy mill :( I almost bought a puppy from them in January 2011 but had a bad feeling and did not. There were 2 litters = 16 puppies there from Bettie and Lady Bird.

Seems like they have another litter and it's only 7 months later. Real ethical breeders only breed them ONCE a year. Poor babies. Also the 3rd dam Naomi also had babies back in January. This is definitley a for profit puppy mill and I hope they do not continue this abuse on the dogs. Seems like they are breeding them EVERY heat :(

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0f882983, 2013-03-30, 09:13AM CDT

We got our beautiful, smart, funny, perfect golden from Rolland's - she is now a year and a half old- and our experience was nothing but positive with them. The mom dogs are their loves- they treat all of the dogs as part of the family. The conditions are clean, spacious and responsible. In fact I came online to check when they would be expecting another litter or my mom. I've been disturbed to discover some nasty comments from people who have only made assumptions about Rollands from hearsay. It seems that all of the posters who have actually gotten dogs from them only have positive things to say. So I hope that people will think twice before tarnishing the name of a good family business. I'm not trying to start a debate, but just hoping that anyone who comes across these comments will have both sides of the argument to consider. And this is not our 1st golden- it is our fourth in my lifetime (1st from Rolland's though) so I'm definitely up to speed on the breed. Our Penny Lane is seriously so amazing. I'd highly recommend this breeder.

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