T-Mobile - Raw Deal

Posted on Sunday, July 10th, 2011 at 4:37pm CDT by 41276894

Product: Phone Service Provider

Company: T-Mobile

Location: Columbus, GA, US

URL: http://tmobile.com/

Category: Other

If you are thinking about getting service with T-Mobile, DONT!!! I've been a loyal customer with T-Mobile for the past 4 years. I had up to three lines with them at one point and have always paid my bills on time. Yes, like a lot of you, I would take advantage of the "free" upgrades and end up extending my contract with them for two more years. I've put up with all sorts of unwanted charges and other fees since I became a customer. But this last time, I decided that no matter what I was finally going to use my head and not do anything to warrant extending my contract. I even bought my BlackBerry Curve outright in order to keep from having to extend my contract for the discount they offer.

In October of 2010, I was able to get rid of a line without penalty because that line was finally off contract. Another of my lines was off contract in March 2011 and finally my last line came off on June 11, 2011. I was finally free from this never ending contract cycle, so on June 20th I went into the store here in Columbus, GA to add a data plan to my BlackBerry. I decided to pick up a gel case while I was there. I specifically asked the sales guy to add a data plan that was not a contract plan, he got me this great deal, I paid for my case with a credit card, I signed the paper, and I was outta there. Whoo hoo!

Today, Sunday, July 10, 2011, I decided to end the service to the line that my thirteen year old has and called customer service, but to my surprise, they said I would incur an early cancellation fee if I ended the line. I proclaimed " I am no longer on contract, so how is that possible!" I was told that when my service had been upgraded three weeks earlier I was now under another two year agreement and that I would have to get it straightened out with the local store. I called and tried to speak with a manager and he told me that he had to take care of the customers in the store first (which had two sales associates there also) and that he would have to call me back this evening. This evening!!! OK, I admit I was pissed and may have used the term "damn", but I did apologize, I was just shocked to hear that I was back under contract after all this patiently waiting.

I went to the store and the guy that actually sold me my plan was there and the manager brings me this document and asks " is this you signature?" to which I replied "yes" I tried explaining to him that I thought that I was signing because I d made a purchase with my credit card but he wasn't hearing anything I had to say because he had my signature. I tried reasoning with him and asking him to look at my history and just be logical. Why would I wait all this time, pay for a phone outright without a discount and decide once this two-year wait was over, just to go back on another two year hiatus!!! He was completely not listening to anything I had to say.

In short, I felt I was dooped!!! My husband says that I should have read what I was signing first, TRUE, but I was under the assumption that I was given what I had asked for. Foolish of me to believe that there are honest people still out there!!! I have called the customer service line four times but all I keep getting is that they are sorry, but no one is trying to fix the issue. It has only been a day short of three weeks and I haven't even received a bill from the plan and I know that there is something that can be done! So for those of you who are like I was and believe that there are still good honest sales people out there, READ FIRST. And for heavens sakes go with another company!!!!!!!!!!!


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