SAMSUNG - TV sent without remote , BAD Customer service

Posted on Sunday, January 9th, 2011 at 3:52am CST by ce39b989

Product: SAMSUNG UN46C9000 TV

Company: SAMSUNG

Location: US


Category: Other

I bought a SAMSUNG TV - model UN46C9000 from on DEC 18 ,2010. The TV arrived on DEC 27 , 2010 - without the RMC30C2 TV remote . RMC30C2 is a touch screen remote.I immediately contacted VAnns , and they said that I should talk to SAMSUNG about the same. When i contacted Samsung they said i would be sent the TV REMOTE model no . RMC30C2.

On 7th Jan , 2011 i received a mini TV remote which is NOT RMC30C2, but a basic remote for volume and channel adjustment only.

On calling samsung , the 1st customer associate said that such an expensive remote can never be sent out and she forwarded the call to another customer associate. This 2nd associate first kept denying that sunh a remote could be sent almost implying as if i was cheating to tell that i had lost the remote. After much debate - she said it was ot samsungs problem , and I should talk to Vanns. On my telling that the retailer is only forwarding a pakaged TV with the remote , and the package is factory sealed from SAMSUNG and finally i askd her to put me to the superviser. The assoiate then directly spoke to superviser and told me that they will get back on 2 days with the after investigating. I insisted to speak to superviser , and finally after a lot of debate the superviser enquired and told me that the TV remote was out of stock and there was no ETA for it . all this took me 1 hour 40 min of call time and not only did i feel cheated , buti was consistently lied to , by the customer associate. As of now I have no TV remote and i cannot use the TV as designed. Please help me with the redressal. I want SAMSUNG to be taken to task for cheating , lying and putting me through so much agony over a remote.

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