Conch Charters, BVI - Sailors Beware of Chonch Charters

Posted on Saturday, January 8th, 2011 at 12:48pm CST by c2c718e9

Product: Conch Charters in BVI

Company: Conch Charters, BVI

Location: Fort Burt Marina PO Box 920 Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands
Tortola, BVI, Sa, UM


Category: Other

Poorly maintained and unsafe sailing vessels. The 43 foot catamaran had no working speedometer, any type of navagation equipment and the VHF radio was connected to a portable antenna with a range of .5 miles or less. The staff stated, concerning my complaint about the lack of any nav equipment, they would be more concerned about a captained that needed that equipment to sail in the BVI. This is an extremely ignorant and unsafe attitude.

The charter company looks for ways to charge most recent charters for damages caused in the past. The checkout person said that the milky look of the transmission oil was normal. The checkin person said we damaged the drive shaft and even after paying for insurance they want to charge us another $1,470 for damage caused by another cruiser. Be careful. There is no way to walk away from a charter without losing everything so just try to do what you can on the onset, take pictures, make notes and have the check in person sign off on their BS before leaving the boat. At least protect yourself more. Better yet, go to the Moorings if you want a better maintained boat.


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