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Product: JOE FRESH black toddler's jeans

Company: Joe Fresh Style

Location: Brampton, On, CA


Category: Other

I bought my 4 year old son a pair of black JOE FRESH toddler jeans in August 2010 to wear for my youngest son's baptism. On the day of the baptism I decided that my 4 year old son would wear something else, so I put the JOE FRESH jeans in his closet.

Halloween came and my son decided he wanted to dress up as a vampire (and since vampires wear black) I remembered the black JOE FRESH toddler jeans I had bought for him in August. Since it was cold outside I made him wear jogging pants underneath. While trick or treating he kept complaining that something was pinching him near the button area. I checked it a couple of times but could not see anything.

Two days later, as I was doing laundry; I took my son's JOE FRESH jeans and turned them inside out. As I was doing so, something sharp scratched me on my right arm from my wrist to near my elbow. I took the JOE FRESH jeans and examined it on my kitchen counter and saw something sharp sticking out in the seam near the button. I took a small knife and undid the seam and found a broken sewing machine needle inside (The most recognizable part of a sewing machine needle with the hole that the thread goes through with what looks like dried black paint/or dye covering the tip).

I have contacted their head office (and have sent them the needle and jeans for investigation) and I am not pleased with their answers.

Since this happened, I have done A LOT of research on the internet and I found that these factories have very strict "Broken Needle Policies" that must be followed.

I believe that this is an extremely serious matter, especially since this was found in children's clothing. If I did not make my 4 year old son wear jogging pants underneath- he would of gotten scratched for sure!!! I am thankful that I got hurt and not my son- BUT this does not erase the fact that these JOE FRESH jeans were contaminated with a broken sewing machine needle (that was manufactured in a factory that has metal detectors).

What is the right thing to do?

Should there be a recall on these jeans?

If clothes are made in another country, shouldn't there be safety measures/ or laws to make sure that what goes on to be sold in our stores safe for us consumers (especially children's clothing)???

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Kaitlin O., 2014-03-03, 07:30AM CST

This just happened to my one year old. I picked him up and something stabbed me so I took his pants off and I found the needle.... They are joe fresh pants....

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