Cedar Ave Repair - Ripping off Veterans in Minneapolis

Posted on Thursday, January 6th, 2011 at 1:43pm CST by 5f287e5f

Product: Auto repair

Company: Cedar Ave Repair

Location: 4301 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN, 55407, US

Category: Other

A few months ago while at the Minneapolis Vets hospital, I had my alternator replaced at Cedar Ave. Repair, they do business with this guy Lee from Alternator Repair Company, and acquired the re-built alternator from him. Well, the alternator failed shortly thereafter while I was on the East coast. I called Cedar Ave. Repair and they said I had to ship it back to them to confirm it was faulty. I did. But then they and Lee denied that it was even their alternator (what?). Finally, they said it was theirs, but Lee would only refund the part/tax, and S/H back to me. I had to get it back as the new repair shop charged me an extra $55 for keeping the alternator and not recycling it. Lee sent it back but charged me S/H. What an insult. His incompetence in failing to sell a dependable alternator has cost me several hundred dollars in labor at two garages - and he has the audacity to charge me the S/H? Thank god I never had to rely on these guys in a foxhole overseas! Lack of responsibility, they are just as bad as those bums on Wall Street.


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