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3c4ee0ee, 2011-02-13, 11:51AM CST

This woman is an incompetant, dangerous charlatain. She is NOT a doctor. Her associates hold her in high esteem, but her victims know the truth. She is father-biased, from my own experience, and from what I have discovered after-the-fact. Judge Patrick McCabe has something going on with her, if you would simply google how many times he has ORDERED couples to use her. She must be paying him kickbacks for all the referrals. (He's a crook, as well). Since Katrina, she's moved to Metairie and has her own "practice". I have vowed to spread the word on the internet how dangerous this woman truly is to children in Jefferson Parish. My son, since turning 18 and returning to me, has had to have years of therapy due to the abuse his father heaped on him since VAN BEYER awarded him custody of this child. She's nothing but an incompetant, f**king idiot who only looks at the bottom line (money). Someday, I can only pray that she'll get hers!

3b8d99d4, 2011-05-13, 09:10AM CDT

Dr. Karen Van Beyer met with my two daughters, my ex-husband and myself. She was very sharp, wise and she DID NOT give my ex-husband 50/50 (which is what he wanted.) She did not favor a MAN in my case. She was very good at her observations and I was very happy with her recommendations to the Court. Frankly, I am sick of hearing that she is only for the Ex hates her now and he thinks she is for the MOMS. Never is the person who didn't get what they wanted HAPPY!! But it is awful to bad mouth a person and try to ruin their career.


c0d07b4b, 2011-08-31, 09:00PM CDT

Oh my God!!! Karen Van Beyer is crazy! Everything with her is driven by $$$ money. She gave custody to my ex (who paid more than I did, on the sliding scale), with supervised visitation to me, but ONLY with her buddy, Beverly Howze present, at $100.00 per hour! Within two months of my ex getting custody, he farmed out my kids to MY relatives! Van Beyer should lose her license. She's extremely incompetent. God help kids everywhere whose parents are forced to use her "services".

3c4ee0ee, 2011-11-08, 06:13PM CST

She's incompetent, all right. I cannot believe the state of Louisiana permits this woman to keep her "practice". I notice she's doing "mental health of infants" now. At least they can't tell the world what a fake she is.

7979e651, 2014-11-08, 08:27AM CST

This is the most unethical and probably bought out evaluator in the Southeast! She has no!!!! Consideration for the best interests of children. I am a very well educated woman who has been rung through the the political system at the detriment of my minor child. Due to her lack of following through with the system wizard, of which she recommended and subsequently ignored my messages, my minor child has continued to be returned from her father battered and emotionally abused.. do not recommend this evaluator at all cost! She should be charged with child endangerment.

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