Sony - False advertising by Sony

Posted on Thursday, January 6th, 2011 at 7:38pm CST by 9d4a7b94

Product: Sony Dvd player Model: SR-200P

Company: Sony

Location: LAs Americas shopping centre
San Diego, US

Category: Other

I purchased a DVD player from Sony and I asked if I can test the specific item I wanted to purchase ,as although it indicates that it can play certain formatted disks I wanted to be certain. I was informed that I had to purchase the DVD player and it can not be tested for me in the store. When I tested the new item at home it does not play the dvd formats as indicated on the outside of the packaging, hence I have to return the item to Sony at my cost and go through the process of getting a refund. This is extremely bad customer service and false advertising as the item sold by Sony is not capable of performing as advertised by Sony. Is there not a regulating process that items are tested in accordance that they can actually do what is advertised??


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