Crowle America Region - O.M.G. Crowley,LA

Posted on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 at 11:06pm CST by 8eb5fa63

Product: Bad City-

Company: Crowle America Region

Location: Crowley, LA, 70527, US

Category: Other

In all U.S.A. this is the worst City of ALL,be very afraid stay away from this City.

TX-City of Cowboys

FL-City of Sunshine

NYC-City Yankees

CA-City of Angels

IL-City of Winds

But OMG-Crowley,LA is the city of Inbreeders if was for the Big Easy is nothing left After Katrina don't Stop here, don't eat here don't even sleep here,be afraid stay way be very afraid, or you might end up like chainsaw massacre. I give this City a BIG 0-


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