Hubler's Ford - Not so happy senior

Posted on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 at 4:37pm CST by ff32fb13

Product: 2011 Ford Fuson

Company: Hubler's Ford

Location: 2605 E. State Rd 44
Shelbyville, In, 46176, US

Category: Other

You just have to laugh at this one. Went to Hubler's Ford in Shelbyville, IN on Dec 31, 2010. They did not have the color of the 2011 Fuson AWD I wanted and salesman said he could get me one. I told him that the $1500.00 rebate expired on Jan 03, 2011 and I did not want to loose that. He said no problem, gave us a price and we were fine with price. Then I got a e-mail from Ford thanking me for attending the Indy Auto Show and I would get a additional $1500.00 rebate that would also expire on Jan 03. I called salesman the morning of Jan 03 since he did not call me back and ask him what was going on. He said he was having a problem with dealers calling him back about the color I wanted. I told him I did not want to loose the $3000.00 in rebates and we had until mid-night. He said he would get right on it and get me my car. Salesman called me about 8:00 pm and said no one had called him back and that he would honor the first rebate and I would loose the Indy Auto Car Show rebate of $1500.00. Was not to happy, but I said OK, just get me the color I wanted. Well, guess what, he called the very next morning and found me my car and said it was on the way. Next day salesman called and said dealer sent wrong color and would get me the correct color next day. Well, salesman called me next day and said his boss would not honor the price that was given to us. And they need more money from me. This was a no trade in and I was going to write a check. Both my husband and myself are senior citizens and my husband has terminal liver cancer and sure do not need to be treated like we have. I think this was a blessing, because if we had that much trouble buying a car from Hubler's in Shelbyville,IN, can't imagine what the service department would be like. SAD SAD STORY, BUT VERY TRUE


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