Microsoft - Microsoft Outlook Express Lost/Destroyed Mail because of their compacting

Posted on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 at 7:08pm CST by d01b86b4

Product: Microsoft Outlook Express

Company: Microsoft

Location: One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA, 98052-6399, US


Category: Other

This is outrageous. If you go looking for help on this subject you will find a whole lot of people have the same problem, but Microsoft has never announced this or fixed it nor given any adequate help for solving this. This files keep disappearing! I should not have to PAY someone else to maybe fix it as was offered on one of their help sites. When Microsoft compacts your emails, they start disappearing little by little. There is something that corrupts the .dbx files. I empty my recycle bin often so they aren't there! I have lost precious special emails, lots of important business client mail, treasured pictures, special history, stored reference codes, passwords and registration codes, receipts saved, just a lot of things that I use email for to do my everyday business and relationships. I didn't notice at first because the folders were listed but when I went to the ones at the bottom they were all EMPTY! And they should have been there! This is a MAJOR CRITICAL LOSS to me and to the others. There should be a class action suit as there is no effective noctice or help from Microsoft - and I should not have to PAY an outside company to "maybe" fix what Microsoft destroyed and ignored! They admit that the problem is the "compacting." ( anyone knows of a class action suit on this, I want in on it because this is SERIOUS DAMAGE to me! I am not a lawsuit chaser but this has really hurt my business and my personal life!


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