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Posted on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 at 11:51am CST by a93233bf

Product: Triple Play internet, phone, tv

Company: Comspan Communications

Location: 575 Hwy 101
Bandon, Or, 97411, US


Category: Other

Offered us Triple Play services to include internet, phone and television for $99/mo. When they came to do the installations, the technician damaged our ceiling and walls, as well as they left without verifying that our service was working correctly. We called in the issues, and reached very combative people. The manager came and fixed the phone once, and it worked for awhile, and then became intermittent and unreliable again. Also, had an internet problem, which later was determined to be an interior wire. Everyone we had to deal with was very abusive and only talked about how everything is billable. We ended up fixing the internet wiring ourselves, after asking them to leave due to the fact that they didn't fix the phone and kept repeating "billable, billable." We still have the damages today, and have asked them to let us out of our contract so that we could go with someone we could work with, and forego the repairs. They since have refused to let us out of our contract, and have also refused to repair the damages that one of their contractors caused. To date, our bill has never been as low as $99, and some months, substantially higher.

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ce0dc798, 2011-02-08, 12:44AM CST

I also am having trouble with ComSpan charging $75.00 every time they come out and it is "Never" their equipment. It is always our problem. You are right, they are very rude. They do not resolve the problem with the television over the phone so they can come out and charge $75.00 I feel it is a scam and they should be reported to the FCC or worse.

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