AIR INDIA - Missing bags (AIR-INDIA)

Posted on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 at 12:09pm CST by 6e5af02f

Company: AIR INDIA

Location: US


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I traveled on Air India (flight 127) on December 30,2010 from New Delhi to Chicago. My luggage did not make it on

that flight and is still missing.

I filed a report at Chicago airport on the same day of my arrival and was told that I would have my bags delivered to my residence on January 1,2011.

As of now, I have not received my bags and even after repeated calls to 773-686-1435 (only voice-mail available) and emails, there has been NO RESPONSE from Air India.


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Ravi K., 2013-01-13, 04:53PM CST

I was in the same boat as yours only in the opposite direction . Traveled by AI 126 from ORD to Hyd and all of my six checked-in bags were missing on arrival . Only got six of my four bags after 48 hours and they were missing because the incompetent ground staff put the wrong persons name on my 4 bags . the worst part is the rest of the two bags which had my name are missing till now . I even concluded my trip and came back . I am contemplating a lawsuit just to teach them a lesson for their recklessness and stop future victims like us .Let me know how your's goes?

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